Lost Without You

When you look at me
My heart quickens
When I hear your voice
I forget to breathe
When you touch me
I melt inside.

The heavens break open
When I speak your name
You have this power over me
I can’t control my thoughts
I feel so lame, so alone
Compared to Them
They always win.

You’re like a drug for me
Addicted to you forever
One day it might change
I hope and pray
You leave me no choice
I’m gonna have to go
Surrounded by Them
They always win.

To you this is a game
For me a way of life
You are my other half
Until the time comes
When you desert me
Like all the others
For Them
They always win.

by Little Devil

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Ah how young and how wise...when is a truism an universal truth?