Lost Words

A time in life comes when
Memory starts to weaken.

There can be nothing more frustrating
As a poet to loose the memory of
Precious words building up thoughts.

It is like being deprived of morsels
That nourished you all this time or
Chewing on crumbs of stale words.

Fingers bent and aching
Paused for ever upon keyboard
I stare at half finished thought.

Slowly it too fades from memory
Till nothing remains to hold
I click on the mouse and walk out.

The writing disappears from screen
Computer labels it BLANK!

Edited 6.29.2015

by Savita Tyagi

Comments (2)

As our emotions roil, words fail us. Words that come to mind do not seem adequate or appropriate, so we write nothing. Our page remains blank, like our minds. But this passes, and soon we begin writing what our hearts dictate. Your poems are proof of that, Savita. Well-chosen words continually flow from your pen. You never disappoint.
A captivating title with heartfelt words. Thank You