Thanks For The Help

Lately I’ve been writin
So hard and so heavily
Keep my ears closed
Cause I don’t wanna hear what they be tellin me
Wife and daughter in my life
Sent here to better me
Iceman by my side
That’s how it is- how its pose to be
Family right here
Yeah there to help me see
Born with anger
Never with jealousy
Dad died when I was young
Wish I could grow some wings
Faced with hard times
Can I get help with some things?
Wish I could cry
Tell you more on another sheet
No one knows that I try
It seems only I can see
Mom told me son
Be all you can be
So I joined the Air Force
Before that it was Army J-R-O-T-C
Still look to the sky
And ask can you make a way for me
When I’m overseas at war
My family says they pray for me
So this is a thank you
For the ones that’s there for me
And without your help
Man where would I be

by Travis Johnson

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Comments (14)

Savor terrible fate, good write
A wonderful piece for reflection to all the religious......
Extremely Powerful And Heart Felt Poem! ! ! !
Beautiful narration of events in the poem and I likes.
Although I am not expert in the biblical sense, I am familiar with the story, and appreciate this as being a great interpretation of events from the female perspective. Its wonderful to see the wife flushed out as an actual person as opposed to just being used as a warning for disobeying angels commands. There is a beautiful surrealistic nature to the words. that give it a magical and terrifying vision. Lots wife has never been more sympathetic. Superb stuff
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