Lou's Legend

On October fourth, nineteen sixty two
A boy was born by the name of Lou
As he looked at his parents that he didn’t know yet
You could sense their love, his life was set

As he began to age and his life took form
He had his ups and downs like a summer storm
He was successful at everything that he did
Everyone looked up to him, just a young kid

A singer, a dancer, and good at sports too
There was nothing that Lou could not do
As he progressed through school, he was loved by his peers
Lived his life for the moments, and had no fears

His senior year was full of good times and fun
With all his close friends, they had a good run
Graduation day came faster than you could believe in
Low was everyone’s friend, they did not want to leave him

But off to colleges is where they all went
Lou missed his friends and the time they spent
As the years passed, they began to lose touch
That’s when Lou realized that he did not have much

Now all he thinks about is his past and the glory
But that’s all gone, just memories and stories
He hated his life now without any friends
He’s only twenty, could this be the end?

While he was young his life flew by
Now alone in his room, he wants to die
Deep in thought, and feeling completely alone
He would dropp out of school and move back home

He thought he would see his friends but they were gone
Everyone started new lives and had moved on
How could he lose everything so fast?
All his friends in the future, and Lou in the past

Consumed by his life with nowhere to go
How his life got here, he did not know
As his loneliness began to take over his thought
He would purchase the last thing that he ever bought

A sawed off shotgun would cure his pain
He loaded it up and blew out his brain
How could this kid full of talent and love
Be lying on the floor covered in blood?
Two minutes later a call comes in
Its his friends from school wondering how hes been
Little did they know that it was too late
Lou shot off that gun and sealed his fate

On October fourth, nineteen eighty two
Was the funeral of a kid named Lou
As his parents looked at him and let out a cry
They wondered why their beautiful son wanted to die.

by Derek DiRuscia

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