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Louder Than Words
AKT (8-3-68 / Memphis, Tn.)

Louder Than Words

Poem By Allen Keith Turner

You said, You 'Give up on me' a long time ago,
Didn't care where I was, & didn't want to know.
There were times, I feel, that you thought of me,
but never cared enough to call.
I know you didn't want me to come back,
To this day, you don't want to see me at all.
So how could you give up on me,
& not want me to be there?
How could you let me search for you,
& not want to know how much I care?
You are such a different person, than you used to be,
You never have any time & your so distant from me.
Louder than words, your actions speak to me,
You ignore me at every chance & you never want to see.
You didn't offer to help, when I was trying to reach you,
To punish my mistakes, Is all you want to do! ! !

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Really good poem....You make it seem like this poem is actually what someone might feel.......thats pretty cool