Louise And Steve

listen and envision
with total precision
as they do revision
and watch television
with no supervision
a split decision
causes a collision
it leads to division

now she's louise
she tries to appease
there’s no guarantees
cos they're from overseas
they are all maltese
they're hard to please
she falls to her knees
and says she agrees

now that they reprieve
she wants to achieve
to make them all leave
her wish she receives
but being naive
she forgot about steve
she causes aggrieve
thoughts misconceived
she starts to panic
she acts volcanic
her screams' gigantic
the sounds' titanic

now she's finally calmed down
changed into an evening gown
which is a nice reddish brown
she decides to go downtown

in the distance she sees steve
who acts as if he's on the qui vive
he sees her so he leaves
the conversation he's preconceived

she decides to have a good time
make the most while in her prime
on the dance floor she's sublime
the DJ her partner in crime

now all the men she attracts
her dancing really impacts
they start to interact
and guess, guess who’s back

steve comes right up to her face
not giving her any breathing space
argument happens at that place
she looks around and feels disgrace

they get out and go on home
she explains how she felt alone
with people but on her own
she thought she was better known

he explains why he felt sad
and when she followed he felt mad
jealousy making him turn bad
but he's glad to be her lad

they both decide to go to bed
and think about their life ahead
he promises to not see red
'good or I'll find another instead'

by Matthew Callus

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