I HAVE seen dawn and sunset on moors and windy hills
Coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain:
I have seen the lady April bringing the daffodils,
Bringing the springing grass and the soft warm April rain.

I have heard the song of the blossoms and the old chant of the sea,
And seen strange lands from under the arched white sails of ships;
But the loveliest thing of beauty God ever has shown to me,
Are her voice, and her hair, and eyes, and the dear red curve of her lips.

by John Masefield

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A sad and moving poem. Cries goes out for stability. Good.
a deep mood, very glad to read this poem
Line breaks are punctuation in poetry, Luis. And frankly, poetry is art. It has no boundaries nor lines to color within. I think that what you mean to say is that you desire more punctuation in your own art work. Which is cool.. But this poem is beautiful in its very unique way. I'm wondering if you were able to get past the things you feel are structural framework flaws enough to find the absolute beauty in this poem? I mean, 'like Louisiana crying....' Did that line touch you in any way? Mark Twain once said 'It is a gratification to me that I do not understand art..... Because people who do understand art find nothing but blemishes in pictures...'
nice beautiful poem thNK FOR SHring
I have always said that poetry with no puctuation at all is a very bad habit to compose a poem. the use of puctuation is to give the reader an idea of the line, the end of it, or the continuation of it, the break of it especially as an aid to the no mature reader. This poem may give some young reader a bit of trouble when he is trying to find out where a line ends and another starts. Other than that this poem is not bad-wriiten and it has poetic power. Luis Estable
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