Love 1 - Love Is All Embracing

Love is all embracing,
Pure and sublime
Which flows and keeps flowing
Like a never ending stream;

by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Click to read full poem

Comments about Love 1 - Love Is All Embracing

Very true. The poet Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna, is such a, gem of a, human being which is very evident in each stanza, of the poem. The poet in this poem expresses the fact that rrespective of caste or creed, people craves for love not for money, food or shelter which since, through love, all the other material aspects can be attained.This compassionate, kind and considerate, poet who is, so tolerant..Marvellous. No words to describe. Best of luck to the poet.
Praveen Menon 03 Nov 10:19
The poem beautifully brings out every facet of love and I have loved the words used. Beautiful
Vrinda 03 Nov 12:50
Love is perfectly and beautifully said in this poem . It is wonderful and complete poem.
Preeti Maity 06 Aug 03:52
The transition of metaphors in each stanza is so mesmerising. Especially the stanzas where each religion is used. This shows that love is not only for one religion or person but for everyone
Preeti Maity 06 Aug 03:49
The length of the poem did justice to the topic because love is such a beautiful emotion that it is impossible to describe its true feeling with few words or sentences
Preeti Maity 06 Aug 03:46
Love is all embracing Love that does not confine nor is confined, To any shape size or structure, Not a square, rectangle or triangle, It is not like a street Ending in a narrow lane, Or a one-way street with a blind end. It is not a box that can be shut and locked, That remains safe and secure in a bank locker. Love is like an open blue sky, Where thousands of stars twinkle and smile Brightly and beautifully, at the same time! This is my favourite stanza
Rajendran muthiah 20 Jul 02:57
Ads interrupt my comments. This is an epic poem on love which flows out of each cell of the heart
Ravi Kopra 21 Mar 09:21
jab pyaar dil se hota hai har cheez sweekaar ho jaati hai kyon k ye shudh hota hai bulandi pe uDta hai behti nadia ki tarah hamesha behta rehta hai bharay behtay dariya ki tarah pyaar ka amrit pilaata rehta hai badan k har cell se skin k har pore se dil ki gehraareeoN se pyaar ubar-ubar kar aata hai aur apni mehak saaray sansaar main bikhaar jaata hai!
Gayatri Acharya 20 Mar 07:56
in love with love, such a beautiful poem
Chan Mongol 03 Mar 07:00
The honorable poet has penned very well. The poem is a great work of the poet. Analytically, the poet proved the point about the depth and the truth of love. This masterpiece poem is both academic and inspirational. Thanks for sharing. ++10
Budhashaya Behera 07 Feb 09:24
Lord's love is always beautiful and we feel this continuously. His love embraces you and me. We are in same way to chant Krishna's name and adore his quality. We live for Krishna and he is for us to guide. This poem is very lovely..10+
Bharat Jagwani 10 Dec 2019 05:23
Fantastic poems mam... Lovely poem... Also read my poem which are in Hindi Language... Zindagi- Ek paheli
Magadha Rani 07 Dec 2019 04:27
Love is all embracing Complete and fulfilled! A lovely poem dear mam. Thank you for sharing- - - - 10+++++
Mamunur Rahman Kayes 05 Dec 2019 04:08
Love has to be shared, Love has to be offered, Love has to be showered, Continuously and graciously, Generously and universally, Into the wide, wide world!
Anjandev Roy 09 Nov 2019 05:20
An excellent write. Love it. Thank u. anjandev roy.
A B Faniki 04 Sep 2019 05:21
A well crafted piece lace with lovely rhyme and rhythm. Thanks for sharing such beautiful images
Expression of love in five organs, nice to read mam.10
Sylvia Frances Chan 30 Aug 2019 07:18
But the world suffers and cries due to starvation of love! Many people suffer from - the apartheid of love! Two lines from your 6 stanzas poetry full of brilliance, YES! Apartheid is the most terrible sort that makes myriad of people suffer. Apartheid is so inhuman.My beloved Mum has told me many stories of this evillish rule and law.
Sylvia Frances Chan 30 Aug 2019 07:06
Love is above everything else in this world. Indeed, Dr Geeta, I love to read poems about Love. This is true fascinating and mesmerizing. I add this to MyPoemList. Thank you so much for sharing this sweetest poem I ever read about Love. A myriad of 10's. God's Blessings. The Best Poem as stated by Poem Hunter.Com. WOW!
Chinedu Dike 25 Aug 2019 09:35
A smooth flow for joy. Very deep and passionate poem. Thanks for sharing, Geeta. Remain enriched.