AS (September 3,1991 / Pittsburgh Pa.)


Love comes and love goes.
Somedays fast and somedays slow
Somedays its there and somedays its not
Love is strange in that way.
Love is a mystery, love is pain
Love is another form of suicide
Love should be a crime.
it can kill you,
save you, hurt you
heal you, damage you or
leave you depressed.
Why do we fall in love?
Why do we fall out of love?
Is love everything a person needs to be happy?
I quess not but still... we say we need love, but then love makes us say things we don't mean like: i love you, i hate you, i want to kill you, i want to die.
Why does love do this to us?
Why do we need love?
There is nothing to describe love.
How do we know when we're in love?
we chose love?

by Amanda Shields

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youve put that so much better than i could