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Why were humans put on this earth? were we put here to grow up, work and then sadly pass away later in life? no humans were put on this earth to go from having fun all the time to eventuality growing up and maturing and finding love. Without love every human would feel and emptiness inside ourselves and would never be able to fill that hole unless we can find someone to share our hopes and dreams, and our regrets and things that are bothering us. Love is almost like the black plague you can get it like a disease and it is so hard to get rid of the sickness of love your heart will feel horrible. Love is something that we cant see its like air we can breath in love and breath it right back out if your not with the one true person god intended you to be with. You can never ever believe that no one has felt the feeling of being in love with another person because everyone feels that pull sooner or later in there life. Love isn't like a gift to where you can surprise someone with it and hope they like it, its something you need to work into and then eventuality surprise your receiver with the real gift of love by telling them that there the only one in the world that can receive this gift and won't give it back to you later. The feeling of love is the strongest and most deadliest weapon on this earth. Why you ask? its because people would kill for someone else's love, and others would want protect there love for there mate. Some people get so confused when there in love that when all of a suddenly your soul mate doesn't seem to love you anymore but you still love them you can't take it and you do things you regret. If you really love someone, why would you kill them if they don't love you anymore? if you really love them you'll face the hard future ahead of you by feeling empty without seeing there face or hearing there laugh or voice. You would tell say to them ok but i just want you to know that even if you don't love me anymore i will always love you and won't ever stop until the day my heart isn't beating anymore. Love is also like falling down because you won't ever hit the ground because you will always have someone to catch you when you fall. Love is also like a faithful pet because there will always be someone by your side going through the fun things in life and also go through the hard and sad things with you. But the most important thing is you don't have to face every hard decision alone you will always have someone to turn to and ask them for there help to get you through it. When your mate says they don't love you anymore or don't want to be with you anymore they are lieing and want to be with you for the rest of there life. Here and there you will have couples who thought they belong with one another but they really don't. On this earth there will be someone for you to someday find yourself and you want to spend every moment with them.

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