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SH (17 August 1979 / Jakarta)


Our parents give attention to us
Give us milk, chocolate, Present, Bike, Playstation, and everything
Our parents give the great education for our brigthing future
Give anything what they have for one reason ' Love '

That love is given honestly
That love is done willingness
That love is asked to get blessing from God (Allah SWT)

No shadow love
No Hypocrite love
No Monkey love
No Betraying of love

Allah Swt (God) Loves to Prophet Muhammad Saw
Allah Swt Loves to all prophets
Allah Swt loves to all moeslems
Allah Swt loves to all human
Allah Swt loves to me

How about our love to Allah Swt (God) ?
How about our love to Prophet Muhammad Saw?
How about our love to all prophets?
How about our love to our parents 3x? .........

Date : May 3rd 2005
Time : 7.43 pm
Copyright/Writer : Somahadi (Hadi)

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Hadi, this one is good. I like it...