(July 13,1991 / Indiana)

'I'Ll Be There For You'

The knife cuts through the layers
Of skin
Not a dropp of blood runs from this body
All i feel is the sting of the fresh air on the cut
No pain NO sorrow
Only a longing to see you again

Nothing will come between me and my dream
Of being their for you
And seeing you smile
These old bones have seen the worst and know
That your their salvation
A peaceful end to their misery

Blood streaming down my face
Smiling behind blood soaked hair
I will not back down
I will not give up this fight
Swollen lips, Black eyes
All of this i do for you
To keep you safe
and keep that smile on your face

Falling to the ground a peaceful grin
is all thats left to show
Your standing there wishing that
All of this never happened
That i never got into that fight
That i knew enough to play it smart

But what you never knew is that I would
Have given it all up for you
Six words form a solemn vow
'I'll always be there for you'

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