Love! ! !

Love is not about logic.
Love is all about feelings;
Stop reasoning and resisting
And just start feeling!

Love is all about instinct,
Love is not about intellect;
Let's act without thinking!
Let love lead your actions!

Love is neither future nor past,
Love is always present;
Love here and now, love today!
Forget about tomorrow and yesterday!

Love is not about distance,
Love is all about closeness;
The real love eliminates all barriers
and puts you in a special and inseparable place!

So, Embrace your Feelings!
Follow your Heart!
That there's no mistake or regret in that!
Forget about reality and about who will get hurt!
and Just...LOVE! ! !

Written 4/5/2010

by L.P. Alexanders

Comments (1)

that is really good, that is so true, so many times now its oh well i can't love them there not pretty enoght or stuff like that when we should just be loving some one, really good write! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (10)