Crying so much

One day it'll past

Giving so much

Wishing it would last

Having the time for him

And calling everyday

Going out on that lim

Then he takes it away

Why are you doing this to me

What did I do

If only I could see

Why are you making me so blue

I tried to talk

I guess you didn't want to listen

So now I will walk

As my eyes start to glisten

From the tears that fall

To my broken heart

I loved you most of all

So just leave your mark

I didn't expect you to be like everyone else

Leaving me with pain

So now i'll take care of my self

And say goodbye to the strain

With your love costing so much

I'll just have to die in vain

by Tiara Neal

Comments (2)

Love doesn't involve that much crying! ! Once you love yourself, then you can be good for someone else. Until then, just take care of you. Allow that.
Always take care of yourself, sweetheart, that is what matters! !