Poem By Eric Nguyen

What would I give

to get a glimpse of your smile

to have and to hold

your heart for a while

I want to meet you

where the river meets the sea

Leave your oars behind

Set the barrier down

and sail away with me

We' d sail away together

to wherever the wind blows

to our soul's velveteen garden

where blushed crimson

bleeds its rose

We' d sail away together

to a secluded land

I curl within your arms

and hold on to your hand

We'd lay down on autumn's blanket

watch seagulls soar up high

Free wings upon blue waters

beneath a mandarine sky

What would I give

to feel the tender of your fingers

brushing sand between my toes

to taste your honey~dew breath

as the moonlight cradle glows

But, here I walk upon the sidewalk

each footprint leading home

beneath the falling stardust

standing on my own

And here I am singing a love song

my shadow dancing free

and there you stroll along the river bank

so far away from me

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She looks at me... eyes drenched with love and confusion,
'What is it that tears you apart so? '
I look at her, and through her,
past the sensible answers,


Feel broken down, my body aches
My heart it bleeds from past mistakes
Can't stop the tears, they fall like rain


I will always love you
Till the very end
Look me in the eye


I came to visit the old baseball field in the dying town where I grew up. It was less than a whisper of what it once was. My first steps on the dirt sent my chest to thumping, and the still wind held the scent of chalk and nachoes.

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