I Am Not Gonu Wake Up!

What do you do?
'I play with mud', he said
What do you eat?
'I don't feel hungry', he said

Who do you live with?
'I am alone', he said
Where is your mom?
'She comes at night', he said

'She comes when I sleep
She loves me a lot
She kisses me on my face
The count I forgot

She gives me food to eat
So I don't feel hungry throughout the day
And then I get up wondering
Wondering why doesn't she stay?

I am not gonu wake up, I promise
The next time I go to sleep
I want to hug her so tight
Together we gonu weep

I will let her know how much I missed her
When people teased me
To hurt and freeze me

They call me mad, mum
They call me mad
But I ain't mad mum
I ain't mad

Cos, I know

I am not gonu wake up,
The next time I go to sleep
I will stay right there beside you
Forever and ever to keep'

by Khushbeen Kaur

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