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If I lied to you would you lie to me,
If I cheated, would you cheat too, or let me be,
If I told you I loved you, would you say it back,
Even if you really wasn't feelin me like that?

If I did something wrong, would you walk away,
And if I did everything you wanted would that be enough to make you stay?
If I told you, you meant the world to me what would you do,
Would you laugh it off or tell me I meant the world, too?

If I told you I didn't luv you anymore, would you ask why?
Would you pretend you didn't care or would you believe a lie?
Why is it a lie.....cause you shouldn't believe it,
I could never tell you I didn't love you and actually mean it.

Even if I was the prettiest girl and could have any type of guy I could find,
I would make sure I choose you everytime,
Even if I traveled the world and found someone new,
It wouldn't even matter cause I'd still end up with you! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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