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Feeling their emotions, understanding their pain.
Life will get brighter, not remain the same.
Knowing the meaning of trust is a beautiful thing.
And with that you could make a beautiful cling.

Believing in yourself, and one another, to know there feelings toward each other.
To make them smile, when they are blue.
To make them happy the best you can do.

Touch their heart, when it needs to be touched.
Let them know there being loved.
Never to feel alone, or be afraid.
Knowing what they have won't slip away.

Never have to doubt the person, any single day, but letting them know they're here to stay.
But most of all always stay true.
Never have to worry about discovering a clue.
Let them know they only want to be with you.
This is from me, to you.

Dedicated to Jason Rabideu

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