Waiting for my Bus
Running out of time
Burning hot
Longing for a rain

Caught A sight
That pierced my heart
Made me senseless
Lost just a Moment

An angel passed me
Worth thousands more than me
Made me Nil
To forget my breath

I know not who she is
Dare not to Know her
Longed to last longer
But still Fate dint permit

Came bak to earth
Just from Heaven..Realised
What it was
'Love' struck me for a moment

by Anusha fernando

Comments (2)

A nice poetic imagination, Anusha. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks.
For the most part, there was a subtle meaning that broke free from the challenges of your interpretations of english. And was beautiful. However, some portions need more attention since its in english. Still, nice job and creative thought. Thanks for sharing it.