Love is not
By fair means or foul
Meeting ones end,
But it is the negative good
Care to the beloved is ensured!

by Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos

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Wonderful definition of love...10++++++++
Care to the bloved is ensured! Nice work.
The negative good means caring to the love partner more than oneself, even if at the expense of oneself.Suppose while you are walking with your love partner if some one tries to shoot your partner you could cover her/him with your body so that s/he escapes and you die. Or as Christ said a husband must love his wife to the extent of sacrificing himself in her stead as Christ did the same to the Church!
Read this poem of yours, it's very nice. Thanks for sharing your personal experience in the form of Poet's Notes. 'But it is the negative good' - Not sure of what you might have meant by this expression. Shall appreciate if you would explain a bit.
An insightful poem that gives real meaning to the definition of love. Thanks Alem for another wonderful piece.