I love you
For all other thoughts are vanquished
For all that remains is you
You brought me out of my shell
You helped me out of the hole
Of which I created
A prison of which I created for myself
One of which I could not break out of
But you broke that prison
You started my climb to who I am
And to whom I shall be
For you i love
More than the snow
More than the thrill of adventure
I would give all I could to be with you
You shaped me
Helped me out of my dark times
Showed me what there is out ther
Showed me there is more to life other than a dark room
Showed me that others do care
That I am not the only one
You are the stars in my sky
You outshine the sun tenfold
You created the me I am today
You are the one for whom I love
And I hope never to lose you
Because the thought of being alone
Breaks my heart
And over
I love you and I hope never to be alone
Love as you can see is a powerful thing

by Gage Bourkland

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