Everybody needs love
Me and you we all do
Small, large, skinny, and fat
We need love too, don't you?
When I am a baby
I need that love and don't mean maybe
As I start getting older
I beg for your love more boldly
Can't you see, when love is denied to me
I can't think, or do things right you see
I'm held as a prisoner, I'm not being free
Do you understand it's you
I'm begging for your love too
I need love, I declare
It's not wrong if you will share
Give me love, show me you care
Pull out the love that hidden inside deep
Love from you will maintain and keep
Love, many have not known
From a little baby until they are grown
Love from you is now being shown
I have never had it as my own
I need someone's love not to compare
Someone, anyone, that can show me they care
Your love could keep me from doing wrong
It will build me up and make me strong
Love have turned many to be great
Even though, I came into their lives late
When I grow old love me courageously
It will make me live longer with my heart joyfully

by Doris Elizabeth Taylor


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