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Until the next time I see you again,
the memory of you will always be in my head.
Time goes by and yet all I want is to see you,
but I have to be over here and there is nothing that I can do.
I always see you when I'm asleep in my dreams,
but its not the same, not quite what it seems.

Nothing can compare to your perfect smile,
but i have to wait to see it even though its only for a little while.
Your eyes remind me of the door to my heart,
which you are the only person to get in without ripping it apart.
The sound of your voice keeps my mind in line,
without your voice, I would walk around like Frankenstein.

Everywhere I go, I keep seeing your face,
but I know its not you since your at a different place.

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cool cool love. love multiplies the brain power. regards. john.