PP (07.06.1989 / Guwahati)


I feel your pulse,
Can read your heart,
Your eyes that meet my soul.
You walk in my dreams, in my mind,
Through my soul,
You are my Knight, with the shining steel.
A charming thief, how you stole my heart.
Now that my world is all 'bout you.
I conquer wars of severity
Your love that crowns me queen.
The distance aches, egos hurt,
I pray you are never mean.
Hug me till I breathe my last,
Let your arms be my shroud.
Let tiny pints of happiness
Be the harvest, that we win.
May love bloom in our garden large,
May love birds live there in.

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Beautiful love poem, well articulated and elegantly brought forth from the heart. A lovely creation. Thanks for sharing Plabita and do remain enriched.
I feel your pulse, Can read your heart, You are my Knigh A charming thief Hug me till I breathe my last Such a fine love poem. It is tender as your heart is. You are a tender poetess. Thank you dear poetess. tony
Great one indeed. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
very nice poem......heart touching
a poem of much love with some of the individuals emotions beautifully expressed? .........well penned.
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