How much love can you give me
Before we part?
As much as I've given you?
I've given you my heart

We seem to be together
In this neck of the woods
Hugged by these branches
Lit up by shadows in hoods

Or we seem to be firm
On the waves of a rocky sea
Enjoying the turbulence
As we survive what we don't see.

Or flying in the air
Sliding along on one glider
Taking in the breeze
Rushing the face of a rash rider

Or almost at the top
Of a mountain upon climbing
We put our red flag
One we reach resigning

Do we resign love?
Or can we redesign ours?
For others to think of
Of a way to outshine ours?

Our time at an end has come
Hearts minted but not farewells
We've spent just some
Our love is show, no tale to tell.

by Ragy Sandid

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