DB (4/9/86 / Los Angeles)


Sometimes you hurt me so deeply
Drag me down into the depths
Of sorrow, smash my heart
Into billions of pieces
Defeat my purpose and crush my reason.

But at other times you lift
My spirit, brighten my essence,
And instill your vibrant laughter in me
Blooming romances, and sprouting friendships
And planting strong roots to my withering tree.

I often have vicious nightmares leaving
Me distraught and confused
Heart racing my mind beat for beat
Unable to concentrate or stand on my feet.

Sometimes I dream of you
Rescuing me from monstrous
Beasts, prince charming in
Disguise conquering difficult feats.
Keeping me safe and out of harms way
Not wanting you to leave me and begging
You to stay.

Tell me, love, why do you toy with me,
Flip my life upside down,
Send me on an emotional merry-go-round?
Am I the only one that you treat this way?
You are leading me to insanity…I don’t
Know what to do?

What’s the matter with you love
How come you treat people this way?
Did someone hurt you? …

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This was a very emotional and well thought out poem. I can tell that you have been hurt but I wish you the best in the future. GREAT JOB! !