Poem By Romeo Della Valle

Love is too precious
To let it slip away
Or to hold onto
For another day!

I'm madly in love
With you and want
To start our romance
Definitely right now!

Love is to itself
An antidote
It's a beautiful vision
Of luminosity which
Requires no rhyme
Or reason and
No explanation!

I give my heart
Freely to you making
A commitment to put
My defenses down
For the struggle is over
And I long to be with you
Till the very end!

Together let's strive
To reach beyond all
Limitations and dwell
In a reservoir of passion
Intimately connected
As our souls join as one!

We have a strong foundation
All the pieces fit and connect
Perfectly in a peaceful
Co-existence when our
Hearts and minds are
On the same page!

Effortlessly we will create
A new chapter in a book
Of our special love story
Within a frame of life!

Romeo Della Valle
All Rights Reserved-2020
Delray Beach, Florida

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