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SH simply here (12/15/1987 / North Carolina)


I write about love
But what do I know.
Never felt it, never seen it
I’ve got nothing to show.

Only to write and dream
about what may or may not come true.
Sayin’ to myself
“who could fall for you? ”

I don’t know the answer to that one.
Only time will tell
But for now I’m stuck
Stuck under this spell.

This spell of believing
That love is true
Thinking, ‘maybe just maybe,
Someone would want you.’

I’m getting sucked into movies
And some books I’ve read,
Putting myself to sleep,
Contemplating, maybe there is a love unsaid.

Does love last forever?
If so…how long is that?
‘til death do you part or
When you get tired of everything they lack.

But truthfully,
I like the spell
It gives me a break from reality
Away from this hell.

The reality of knowing
The spell is not true.
The possibility of when growing old
It will only be you.

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Comments (5)

Yep, can relate! sometimes the spell is all you need. Guess we will wait and see if it all comes true, if love was meant for hopeless romantics like me and you.
i like this one too i can relate
I get this poem alot. I like it. Going to add it to my fav's
You will know true love when it comes, because it hurts so bad when they leave. Thank you for sharing, keep up the great work! ! Always Nick
sometimes fantasy is the only thing we have.... enjoyed this poem x