Love 4 Danielle

Danielle, Danielle I love you,
Thought you put me through hell.

I wish I did not feel so bad,
To be without you makes me sad.
My days would go faster by far,
Without these thoughts of where you are.

You stirred in me emotions I tried to hide,
Feeling I thought had died.
You lifted me up so high,
It felt as if I could almost fly.

I wish I did not feel as such,
It just makes me miss you that much.
I'd not felt this way for some time,
You made my heart beat in rhyme.

But you don't feel the same,
And that is my sorrow and shame.
For I will always hold you dear in my heart,
Though we will always be apart.

Your silence like a dagger did I mortally fall,
Still know my love for you will never stall.
It will live on beyond my life,
Through out the stars of heavens nite.

Like a bell that once rung it's sound will carry,
But it seems my love for you was too scary.
For that I am deeply disheartened,
Something I'd wished never to have happened.

I will find a way to be without you,
How I will, I haven't a clue.
Your happiness was all I ever desired,
May you find the life you aspired.

by Argo Caprica

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