I am so in love
In love with Joy
In love with happiness
In love with anger

by Sheikh Hina Yasmeen Click to read full poem

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i dont know what love is...only that i love you
That's wonderful I love it
im a muslim to and u are cool in a good way
I liked reading this :) Some one once accused me of 'being in love with Love' - I took it as a compliment - I think perhaps you are also in love with love - so please take that as a compliment as well :)
thats how love is, nice poem
Hei! I like this poem...
hi! i copy your poem and send to some fiends.thanks and more power...
I like how you did this. I can tell you spoke from the heart and soul.
I like your poem, could really relate to it.
i can like so relate to this poem.... i like love everythin but yet i like hate everything! check my poems out i hope you like them PEACE
waw.that was wonderful.i have many poems like this one, if you would like to read them. i think you will enjoy them. -Jenee'
alllah nice 1 so wat was situation when u wrote it u wre angry or u wre in love i loved it
looks aspecial syle ya, i enjoy this poem thnx
You are really loving. Actually really enjoy this poem. You have a unique style.
i agree with you, believe me. this is an actually awesome poem!
very well written love poem great job Please take some time to read some of my poems try everyone turns away and all my life. I would be pleased if you have time to read even more i hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoyed yours. thank you
i forget to till u happy birthday its just 3 days and become ur birthday Happy Birthday ;) try to add me :)
with love we can do every thing. really love change our life thanx Sheikh Hina Yasmeen for ur lovely word
And what is life without love-? -just a barren desert.
Congratulation, Shekh, You can really express about love.I agreed with your love philosophy.Good usage of Rhyme.