I am so in love
In love with Joy
In love with happiness
In love with anger

by Sheikh Hina Yasmeen Click to read full poem

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Ya really beautiful. Love is hard to explain
HI YASMEEN. 1) this is abut ur new poem....the beauty of this poem is 'beauty of silence'its very heat touching...u hv a fresh mind with new thoughts in every sad or happy moments. 2) aap agar onlin ho saktey ho to is id per
nice... ilike it! love is hard to explain
Ha! so, yu're in live with love itself, I guess - well good for you - like reading it- - seems like more's gonna come out of it :)
nice work i realy enjoyed it hina jee.
He who loves his life will lose it... so sayeth the Lord. None the less, I can't help but share the enthusiasm of your work. Here is my love poem. I tried using the Raven's challenging rhyme pattern: http: // Even though it didn't quite fit, the result was good enough to inspire me to move on to my second (and still my best work: SUNRISE ON THE MOUNT) : http: //