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CH (23 December / New Zealand)


Poem By Chelsea Hansford

Its not so much as what you do,
But what it does to me.
You have cast a magic spell,
And I've changed so drasticly.
I never before noticed,
How the sky is really blue,
I never felt true happiness,
Till the day I looked at you.
Its in the way you smile,
And the glitter of your eyes,
Its the soothing of your voice,
That simply stupifies.
I love the way you laugh,
And your eyes are laughing too,
You heart is so magnificent,
It warms me through and through.
Its not so much as what you do,
But what you do to me,
You have given me true love,
And I'm yours for all eternity.

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Comments (2)

beautiful love poem.............
This is a REALLY nice work. It has great rhythm and flow. Plus it rhymes so it sounds neat too. Unfortunetely, it's hard for me to enjoy such a great work as my heart is naught but a broken mess. One that was broken all in the name of 'love'. But know this: Never let the pain of others stop you from loving.