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Don't Shout
Feelings of love are for you and me,
They aren't to be said out loud.

Hold my hand
Don't let go
There are feelings in my heart
Which I want you to know.

Don't Speak
Language of love
Is more than words deep.

Don't get into the act
A certain restraint
Can keep the passion intact.

Close your eyes
Don't break the magical spell
Let's dream a dream together
We'll create a history to tell.

Don't Shy
The intensity of love will cease to die.
Come with me and we'll fly.

(13 April 2006)

Comments about Love

a passionate piece of poetry....... Niks
Beautiful poem Preets, it has form and feeling and meaning. I love 'Admire, don't get into the act, a certain restraint, can keep the passion intact' That is a message many young people need to hear.
I felt very sad when I found that I am not allowed to vote more than once.... I just wanted to go on clicking on 10 again and again. Amazing poetry indeed! You are innovative and revolutionary.... the style is impeccable. I loved it.
I enjoyed the style and over-all message of this one, my favourite part: The intensity of love will cease to die. Thankyou for sharing your art Love duncan x
awww i love this poem i guess cause its kinda what i want from guys but it great tiara

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