Love..... what is love
What is the true meaning of love
Many say it's a physical attraction
Between two people
I say love is dead
Love for me is a forgotten emotion
Which the heart use to be powered by
Everyone says I Love You
And their words have no meaning
When you are in love
Your mind thinks about them 24/7
Looking at the stars and making a wish
Praying that the person you think about
Is out there thinking about you
When they hug you
It feels like electicy running through
Your whole entire body
When the person is near you
Your heart feels like it's
Going to jump right out of your chest
Your stomach gets knotted up
And your words don't run smoothly
You do what ever you could for this person
Cause you care about them
You would protect them
From any harm that comes their way
Because you love that person
And to me that is what love is really about

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This poem is really good. Quite intellegent interpretation. Except for that part of 'words have no meaning'. But still it's really good, I'd like to give you a ten...