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FS (02/10/1992 / sheffield)


Poem By Frankie Stones

This feeling is so different.
It feels so good inside,
I can see everything differently,
Through my new found eyes,
The way seems so clear now,
There’s nothing in my way,
I feel like i could just fly away,
There’s a warm tingling feeling inside
A warm fuzz,
That never seems to die,
I want this night to last forever
Sat under these starry skies

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Comments (5)

Very sweet, Frankie. Beautifully written.
To be able to feel love and to express it in a poem such as this...wonderful!
Love is the greatest feeling on earth Frankie... When it touches you it makes you fly and never come down again, the world is so beautiful and you hope it will never end...
Familiar feelings well described Frankie. I am so pleased for you. Good writing thank you for sharing it. David
Yep! I agree with you...love is where it's at...the world is seen with new eyes and there is a new you! I always try to live in a state of love...whether it be with a sunset or a person or the words people write. It's like continually seeing the wordl anew each time you look at any little thing. In Ireland it's considered a sin to just like something...if ya like something then ya better go all the way and love it! That's where we start at(not end at) and try to take it...higher! love Donall