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Making my way through the street
I am reminded of the girl who made my heart beat
I see the place where she used to go
I don’t see her anymore and my head bend low

Her smile I don’t see no more
She comes back to me the more I try to ignore
I think I should have told her at that time
I am yours and girl I want you to be mine

In my heart she still maintains a place
Her name is in my veins and it would never be erased
A tear falls from my eye but I try not to cry
I wish if she could understand that my love isn’t a lie

My heart still feels the same
I just wanted her love I wanted no fame
When I think of her it always rains
Then I think of the past and it pains

She changed me but I didn’t show
What she meant to me only I know
Friends became foe my life went slow
Before I go I want her to know……….

My life and the way I feel
My heart is broke it wont heal
I burnt to ash when I lost her
I learnt a lesson that I was an unknown lover

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Nice poem......You may not be a great poet but you had gone through what you had written.