Both heart and soul are the dance of love
Lovers feel charm within them while loving
There are lovers create a new world with passion
They do gently and beautifully to achieve the value of love
although their aim will be one to the same soul
Love has no time limit or cause but its to be loved
Everything could be beautiful by the power of love
Love could be a sincere where it could bring loyal
The qualities of love reflects in many ways
and even the dreams could come in reality
The love could share with lots of feelings
and the secret of it can not be known either
Love can not be made without love and care
Love can last life time and it could bring happiness
Life without love brings not only frustration
but also mantle agony.
When God draws the curtain of love
then there is light that brighten our soul with love

by Ravi Sathasivam

Comments (3)

nice cognitive metaphor: ''Both heart and soul are the dance of love'' wonderful lyric rational poem, thank you for sharing...........10+++
tender is an integral attribute of life!
love never takes you always leads you up..smileeeeeeeeeeee