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DB (03-08-1965 / San Pedro California)


Poem By Dwayne Bailey

Love is more then just a concept,
or word we use each day;
And when we let our hearts take the lead,
love follows in the way.
For love is what we all should carry,
deep inside our hearts;
And twords our fellow man,
loves the gift we should impart.
But in this imperfect world
in which we live today;
Love seems to be nothing more,
then just a word we say.
What a sa\hame this truely is,
for few will ever know;
The kind of love we all search for,
and need in life to grow.
God place your love inside my heart,
so that I might share;
The love you have and long to give,
to men every where.
For life is very precious,
and love it seems so rare;
Please let me show your love to others,
Lord this is my prayer!

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