Saw the woman and felt her pride soaring
through the crowds she was a stunning woman
mental sense that can challenge any of the best,
so we stopped and talked to the people.
Beauty and intelligence the thing that
makes a man wonder.

I was told to not try and forget it like yesterday
came so I thought she was the classy woman
who wanted the man with mulas and sloppy
sense of life.
She had the humility of any person walking
through the skies.

Chance had it I was looking through her like
she was the stars her eyes brown and heaven
alike, never showed her I was after any thing
like a greasy pimp. I only gave her the real
me showed her that I was not the fool of it
all just took her out to the food and talking sense.
Yet she never gave me any motions.

So one day I told her how it is and she just looked
at me and threw my pain at me heart like I was a
glass wall.
I looked at her and realised that my heart would
have been hers and yet I felt alone and relatively
well known through the intact of this I became what
I am.

One day took a chance and walked up to the place
where I was once saw and I saw the sights of the
skies felt the warmth that is now was feeling love
and feeling mine again as my mind settle down
I realised she was gone from my heart.

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