TELL me where is Fancy bred,
Or in the heart or in the head?
How begot, how nourished?
   Reply, reply.
It is engender'd in the eyes,
With gazing fed; and Fancy dies
In the cradle where it lies.
   Let us all ring Fancy's knell:
   I'll begin it,--Ding, dong, bell.
All. Ding, dong, bell.

by William Shakespeare

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Let us all ring Fancy's knell: I'll begin it, - Ding, dong, bell. All. Ding, dong, bell. ......... Fench against this bell or ring this knell pieces of the bread in this fancy tread I'm mad I'm mad .....just funny love of lad! !
This little song (I wonder how long it took Will to write it?) explains why we become enamored with our unfettered gaze on starlets and stars on movie screens, and why, if we keep watch on our hearts, we must take care how long and where we let our eyes (inner as well as outer) dwell. -GK
'With gazing fed' All in the mind.
Such a superb poem by William Shakespeare👍👍👍
All starts with the fanciful gazing of eyes and dies in the full; so, let us put it in knell and sing ding, dong, bell! What a poem by the king of romanticism, Mr. William Shakespeare!
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