Love . . .

Love is not a one-night-stand or
a instant attraction that you
May have for a pretty face you see
walking down the street.
Love is not an instant thing; it's something
that takes time.
Love is learning to trust and being
able to be trusted.
Love is a bond between two people
regardless of sexual orientation and
on one can take it away even if they go
separate ways.
Love is not something you can change even
when you lose your temper and go
out of control.
Love is an everlasting thing between two people,
Mother & daughter, husband & wife, father & son, man & man
or a lesbian and her lover.
Love brings pain, hurt that you can't explain.
Love brings happiness beyond your imagination.
Love can be a wonderful thing.

by Oscar R. Hernandez

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great.. thankyou very much Taz
I would first like to say that this is an amazing poem! Secondly, I would like your permission if I could read it to some fellow school students of mine! please message me back with your answer please! i really enjoyed reading it! please don't stop writing! Lot's of love, Brandi!