How write on it
If you're off mercy

From his side, you feel
From mine, i don't remember
I'm a dreamer without star
Looking for his miracle

Taking his freedom from space
It's my way to stay in life
Continuing my deep breath
To move on once again

Until crossing the same line
Wondering about my feeling
Hurting her beauty full smile
I'm running on the bridge to cross

Saving our time from confusion's
Like a baby waiting his bottle
Like fools still praying gods
Hoping not to be late

Like the hope placed in the drawer
Found at the time of nightfall
No one help but breath the air
Expected a smile from love

One day, you'll be clever to open it
And i begs you not to do so
Unless i'am there and breath out sadness dust
'Cause i want us to be free
To hear the bells on earth that played by Angels

by Etienne Dugland

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love leads the heart by the redemption.............. lovely poe, love when wrought by imagery, art still paints the love