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when you fall in love you feel a warmth all over in your heart and deep in your soul you feel complet in ever single way and nothing can break you, you feel like superman and know where you want to go in your life and it all just falls into place one peace at a time and your looking around and you keep thinking this is the greatest feeling ever and you never want it to end and people say if your meant to be with that person eveything and anything will go wrong to try to keep you apart and if you love and want to be with that person you have to put up the fight of your life to be with them and no matter what people say about you you stick with that person you love and for a few min a day just fase everyone else out and just focus on each other and even for a few min a day you would be in that perfect place with your love and its pure heaven ans nothing can hurt you two cuz its love and when your in love you can do the impossible and your stronger then you ever thought possible and your finding yourself doing so much more then you ever tought you could do and its just such amazing feeling to love and to be loved theres nothing in the world that can compare no matter how hard you look you will never find i feeling that even comes close to true love

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