AN (27-03-1985 / MUMBAI)


Far away across the ocean blue...
On either side, two aching hearts cry,
For the other's touch, to meet they try,
As lovers so often do...

Their last time together, still fresh in their minds,
They reminisce with growing sorrow,
For it is in her arms some solace he finds,
And now they find no such place to borrow...

Such cruel the twists of fate, they say,
That splits two loving souls apart,
The pain, it tears, crushes the heart,
And madness surrounds them every day...

And so my friend, be warned today,
Of love, it may break you, kill you even,
Yet be not the one that knoweth not the way,
Of hope that true love hath always given...

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Very well structured & rhymed poem. So much relates to my poems RENDEZVOURS & SILENCE. If interested please read. thanks for a good write. sathya narayana