Love? ?

What exactly is Love?
Is it when being away from
Someone makes you
Want them even more?
Is it when she looks so deeply
Into your eyes,
You feel like you’re
The only one in the world
Through her eyes.
Is it when she reaches out to
Grab your hand,
You always seem to find her at
That same time, and
You never want her to let go.
Is it when every time
She tells you she loves you,
You’re suddenly at a loss for words.
You know you want her with you forever and
She’s everything you have ever wanted.
Is it when you’d put everything
On the line to make her happy,
Even if that meant walking through fire.
Is it when you hear her voice on the phone,
You know she is there,
But you wonder what she is doing, or if
She is thinking what you are thinking.
Is it when you hear her name,
You turn around, then
Realize she’s really not there, but
You can hear her whispering your name, and
Chills are sent through your entire body.
Do you just know love, what is it?

by Muhammad Faris

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love is when your puppy licks you face after leaving her the whole day. you're full of love and you don't even know it.