Love: A Mystery

(Written By Javed Ahmed Translated By Muhammad Shanazar)

O! Love your existence is mysteriously baffling,
You are in the scattered shattered heart,
And with the intact ego too;
You invent the devices of cruelty,
And you are with the loyalty, fidelity too;
Your manners reveal a tale of darkness,
And enlighten the lamps of pleasing light
And then you are with the gushing blows too;
You are in the fondness of beauty,
You throb in the redness of blood,
And in the colour of Hina too,
Strangely relates your colour to my heart,
You are with the fragments,
And with the cracking sounds too,
Mosque, temple and church all are your prints,
You dwell in the features of idols,
And reside with God too,
You move in the evening gale and with the breeze too.
You move in veins with blood as intoxication,
And pulsate with the palpitating heart too.

by Muhammad Shanazar

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Passion combined with intense intellectual activity. Excellent piece of art. Truly Uzma.