SS (08.02.1985 / malaysia)

Love- A Twisted Play

What i can say,
love is such a twisted play,
it used to be close at hand,
and it can be far far away,

Which you used to say,
fate and faith relate,
never bid good bye,
missing in the haste,

Why am i in deny?
I blush off my foolishness and try,
to be bright in my life,
i fear to seem a craven in your eyes,

When i realised,
i am not an optimist,
it was too late,
as i couldnt find your step,

if the clock is anti-wised,
if the love re-arises...
if we are living in the paradise,
or maybe love does not really worth a try

by shee siaw

Comments (1)

a few mistakes here and there, but a good poem may seem twisted but it is worth a try *wink* Preets