RB ( / Los Angelos, California)

Love Addiction

How can I love
yet, hate you so
want you to stay
but wish you would go.

Why does my heart
panic with fear
afraid you'll be gone
when I need you here.

My soul cries
deep for you
as you abuse me
and I beg you to.

You're by my side
through thick and thin
pretending to be
my best friend.

Yet, all the while
we both know
complete control
is your goal.

These binding chains
will they break
and how much strength
will it take?

How do I get passed
the lonely nights
days I shake
with all my might?

This yearning feeling
which lives in me
won't let go
and set me free.

Yes, you own me
mind and heart
my soul mate
til death do part.

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