Love Ahead

I wish I had
              For my love
                          If true, yet'
'One sided'
As this world
Calls it aloud
Would find solace
In the meager sight of my love
At least in someone's lap
Looking into his eyes
With the same desire
With which I look into hers
Love is enjoyed as time passes
They say
The longing for
One another raging
In one's heart
Is the best thing
Life offers
If romance is sin
Then let me do it
To get the gin
The essence of life's
Story for me
And isn't it the same
For you
I wait to embrace
And enjoy
My dark love
Be it 'one sided or not'
For I stand still
Miles away
From such a spot!       The one I love
Beside me, her dark lover
                     Whether she
Would love me or not
                      I would not
Want to know
                      For my love would
Be like snow falling
                       Which doesn't know
For it, what's in calling
      My affection would be like
          The surface of the
            Furnace of the deserts
              Of vast Arabia
Her love, her precious kiss on my
And her gentle touch
And the play of her black eyes
Her reciprocation
Of someone's courtship
Would be the rain
I would wait for
The time would pass
So may happen nevertheless

by Amit Narayan Satpathy

Comments (6)

If romance is sin Then let me do it To get the gin The essence of life' is always a mystery....... and it should remain a mystery always. that is what u are experiencing...... thank u dear poet. tony
Your poem echoes full of love and romance! ....Life offers/If romance is sin/Then let me do it/To get the gin....adorable expression, a lovely poem! You may like to read my poem 'Ode to My Conscience'...Thank you
A romantic poem... unique expression..10
Thank you Chinedu
Beautiful love poem nicely penned from the heart. Lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing Amit.
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