Love All Four

Poem By Clarence Prince

It's good to give thanks to father everyday
For how hard he works teaching life's way

In a household a father's duty is to teach
A child before he or she grows out of reach

And such a child is no longer teachable
But developed into a terrible little rabble

Father's duties are not always fairly easy
Caring for children fathers can't be drowsy

It takes lots of work to keep a household
To control children a father has to be bold

A father needs to obey God's command
And not always yield to a child's demand

So blessings be to God the eternal Father
Who has given affection to earthly fathers

And wisdom to save their children's souls
By teaching them of God they aren't fools

Thus bless yourself oh heavenly Father
And make every father into a nice father

So that children can rejoice seeing daddy
When in father's arms they may go gladly

Father, Grandfather, Stepfather and Godfather
For Father's Day, Fathers, happy Father's Day

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Comments about Love All Four

Clarence Prince, I loved this! Men being honored; it is important to remember the importance of the home and men must take their place seriously. Keep up the great meaningful messages you give within your writing. Blessings Kathy
I love this sweet tribute on fathers. A mothers role is important so it is too that the fathers part is just as important. A nice share Clarence.
A towering and thoughtful tributes to fathers!
A beautiful tribute poem to not just the heavenly Father but to Father's everywhere. I feel a lot of people tend to forget that though a mother's role is a very important nurturing role to a child, a Father's role is just as important. It takes having a Mother and a Father to raise a well-rounded child who will grow into a productive member of society. Thanks for a wonderful poem with a valuable and important message.

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